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How to Disable Norton’s update Notification

Whether it is pop-up ads or daily updates notification, frequently displayed notification can always be annoying. If you intend to stop them; then this is the good place to start.

Have a look at the process described by Norton Support

  • Launch the antivirus, and click “Norton AntiSpam” in the left pane of the window. Select “Status and Setting” option to view the AntiSpam setting.
  • Check the option “Pop-up Blocking” if this feature is enabled. Click on the box, a small window will open heading “pop-up blocking”. Click “turn-off”.
  • There is a yellow triangle that indicates it is off. For the notifications, open its administrator setting and click on box next to the “Silent” mode to turn it off.
  • You can find various options there; make changes according to your will.

If you are still getting these notifications, then make a contact with our security experts. They will better help you not only in this issue but also in every sort of glitches you face with this security suite.

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