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How to eradicate malware when McAfee could not find?

March 25, 2018 Admin Uncategorized

There are several viruses that antivirus sometimes fails to search. Trojan horse is one of them. The very name reminds of the huge horse used by the Greeks during Trojan War which the army used to hide. The virus is given the name because it is very difficult to locate it from the files. It appears useful but steals the information and allows other viruses such as spyware, adware and ransomware. McAfee Customer Support has provided the following steps to recognize and remove it from the system.

Symptoms of these viruses

  • An abrupt increase in CPU speed
  • Increased traffic
  • New software added without consent
  • You become unable to access files
  • The homepage of the Internet Explorer automatically

Solution to detect the hidden threats

  • Update the DAT and Engine Files from “”.
  • Update the Product Patch “”
  • Allow the On-Access and On Demand, Scanners to search for Spyware and unwanted programs
  • Allow your software for Heuristic search, buffer overflow protection and set the global threat intelligence at highest
  • Click on-demand scan after selecting the solution from programs

Steps to eliminate these threats

  • Collect all suspicious files that you have detected at one location. You can do this by creating a folder.Zip file and adding them to it. Keep the folder protected with password “Infected”
  • Open the SerficePortal and submit this folder to the McAfee Labs
  • Use the Minimum Escalation Requirement (MER) tool for details.

With these preventions, you can protect your system from the harmful viruses such as Trojan horse, spyware, adware and ransomware etc. which cannot be scanned by the virus scanner. You can, however, zip them but it is not safe to keep them in your device. Therefore, McAfee Technical Support advice you to share such files with them, so they can understand the nature and develop advanced technology to refute such viruses.

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