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Why is my Acer Laptop slow? How can I speed it up?

March 25, 2018 Admin Uncategorized

When something extremely wrong goes on your laptop, you usually receive a warning. With manifold computer system in the world, problems may manifest totally differently on every machine. By the time you have read the steps below, you will fully get configured the know-how of its happening.

How did you know that you are in trouble?

The inactive and unresponsive performance would surely make the user in a dilemma that the virus is caught or it has been hijacked. The persistent error message over and over again initiates the trouble. The strange noises and unrequested changes come down the list that expanded the trouble to the next level. If you notice any of these changes in your browser, the requisite solution is provided below. Acer Technical Support explains the reasons for its slow performance that halted the work unknowingly.

Reasons why it is slow

All Window laptops like Acer are up with the junk files, unused apps and many other kinds of systems. These systems may cause performance issue due to slowdowns, hangs, lags and way more. The possible symptom for slow laptop though depends upon the model to model but sums up in any of the three classifications:

  • Hardware issues: Not enough RAM, failure in hard drive, outdated Central Processing Unit, lack of storage space, etc.
  • Software problems: malware/spyware infection, registry errors, poorly framed third-party applications over-consuming resource etc.
  • Improper using behavior: running ample of applications at a time, playing large video games, working upon heavy memory loaded projects, etc.

If your laptop is new,

  • All new laptops come with installed Windows by default. When the windows take time to set up and update, the laptop will take much longer to boot up. So, wait for the Windows to boot.
  • Free your system from the plenty of bloatware and programs that you don’t need in future.

For the users who have been using Acer for a while now

  • Check for viruses and malware which are the top concern of many users. They can cause damage such as computer being crashed, private information, data loss etc. Install an antivirus and get the best security.
  • Clean the hard drive with a productivity and optimum tool of Clean my PC which configures the organization of files, startup, programs, and plug-in.
  • Upgrade the hardware to a new version by adding more memory or replacing the hard drive with a solid-state drive. However, it is still cheaper than buying a new one.
  • The unmatched way to boost performance is to modify the settings from best quality to exclusive speed which would remove much of aesthetics.
  • The last way one must rely upon is to unburden the laptop from the applications that are of no use to the user.

How is the performance now? Hope it has extended to heights, satisfying you fully. If it’s not yet, just call at our toll-free Acer Technical Support Number to have one on one conversation with our skilled and enthusiastic engineers who are blended to provide user friendly solutions on the go.

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