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How do I update my Trend Micro Antivirus?

March 25, 2018 Admin Uncategorized

Sometimes you may feel irritated to get the update warning as you need to complete some urgent work. At this moment, you will likely end up closing the screen and put your task on hold. Overlooking the need to refresh the cyber security programming, you would be welcoming the security dangers. The updates are imperative to download on the grounds that they give you the further developed safety as hackers keep on endeavoring to break the codes of the security set up by the cyber security organizations.

Eligibilities to Update the Antivirus

Trend Micro, in this way, proposes its clients to never disregard the refresh notice and keep in contact with the latest technology to remain safe. In this article, we are summarizing the strategy given by their Trend Micro Customer Support Team to advise their clients about the updating procedure. The clients are required to have these eligibilities to redesign their antivirus. They should have a membership. Their serial number should begin with the letter "An" and their computer ought to have the features for the current adaptation.

The Process to Activate the Latest Version

  • Click on the TrendMicro_12.0_EL_Full.exe link in the Run section and extract the files after downloading the installer.
  • It will now seek the permission to remove the older version, click on Yes and select Restart Now.
  • Once you have restarted the system, the process of installing will start again.
  • It will now ask you to provide your serial number; type the number and click on Next to verify the subscription.
  • Legal softwares are subjected to some terms and conditions. Trend Micro is not an exception. You should read them carefully before clicking on the Agree and Install option.
  • The process of installing the updated version will start once you have accepted the policies. Wait until the process finishes and Click Finish to activate the solution once you have verified the account details.

These are the few steps you have to follow to upgrade your Trend Micro Antivirus to the most recent version and feel good about your security and assurance as you have bought a security product from one of the most reliable web security suppliers. Associate with Trend Micro Tech Support on the off chance like when you discover any trouble with the procedure.

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