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What Is Norton Product Activation and Its Significance?

March 25, 2018 Admin Uncategorized

Product activation is the popular techniques to protect the software and enforce its license agreement to the users. In this technique, the software’s manufacturer cleverly chooses the key of different combination of numbers and character that is individually assigned for each application. It happens the same in the Norton antivirus program, it also needs the license key during its installation, just by entering it or clicking on activation button, the product is activated and you become the valid user of this software.

The security experts at Norton Antivirus Technical Support explain that the software manufacturers use product activation key for the variety of reasons such as it protects the piracy of the application; provide the protection against user exceeding their agreed license terms and allows the developers to control, manage, develop and modify the version of the software.

Basically, by assigning the activation key, software developers ensure that the users don’t just hand over the copy of the software to their colleague or even post on the internet so that any unlicensed customer download and use it illegally.

Norton Antivirus Support clarifies how the activation process works

During the basic activation process, the vendor sends the unique serial number to its users. Software prompt to enter the serial number while installation. Putting that key, the program connects to the vendor’s hosted licensed server to ensure that this key is valid and not being used by others. It also obtains license limit that enables this product’s features. If vendor hosted server finds the valid then it locks that license for the user’s system by automatically reading system’s information. And henceforth, the user can use this application as an authorized user.

Norton Helpdesk: Helping you out in each of its issues

The User can experience many technical issues while installation, configuration, and activation of this antivirus product. Norton Technical Support is the certified support service that assists you in each kind of issues that one may confront. You just need to call its toll-free Norton Customer Support number 1-800-830-823 and our expert will diagnose your issues with the comprehensive and quick solution.

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