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Wireless Network Issue and Solutions in HP Laptop

March 25, 2018 Admin Uncategorized

At times, the web browsing device is out of range and a mere movement can’t fix it up. Hp Laptops have an external switch which has the control whether the wireless network is enabled or not. There is no specific reason to what user activity triggers the issue, but it’s quite easy for you to solve it.

HP Technical Support has laid down few causes that will assist you in fixing the nuisance caused:

  • Problems detecting with the wireless title or an SSID
  • Wi-Fi icon on the screen is orange but no signal connectivity
  • Unable connecting to any network due to out of range or closed networks

Fixes against network issues

  1. Detecting the wireless networks in range
    • For Windows 7, just move to the control panel and then to the networks and internet link. Prompt for the connectivity range and check its connection.
    • For Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, choose the windows icon >>settings >>networks and internet. Choose the link under the Wi-Fi section.
  2. Upgrading the network driver: Go to the device manager in the search box and choose the network adapters. Right-click on the networks one by one and choose to uninstall. Then, go for scanning the hardware changes. This is applicable for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
  3. Removing the access connection software
    • For Windows 8 and 10, choose to uninstall the application under program link following the start and settings. Restart the device for the machine to take effects.
    • For Windows-7, go to the main page of HP. Insert the product model and choose your Operating System. Load and install it on your PC after accessing for connections.
  4. Re-frame your TCP and auto tune: Choose to move to the command prompt and run as an administrator. Push the command NETSH INT IP RESET in the redirected window. Place enter for the execution. Check the changes with enabling and disable write up.
  5. Renew the IP address: You must be receiving an IP address in relation to your network after inserting the “ipconfig” at the Command prompt. Try browsing the internet to check the configuration.
  6. Check if the firewall isn’t creating any issue: Place your device in safe mode and try connecting it to the Wi-Fi again by restarting the HP Laptop. If it works, the most likely cause here is an installed app - creating a mess. Exit safe mode and uninstall them one by one and disable the firewall.

HP Helpline Number is accessible 24*7 so you can come up to our support team if any issue comes to your path of using the HP offered product.

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